The Legal System Enables Abusers and punishes Abuse Victims

That was almost exactly my experience. Luckily, my malignant narcissist crossed the lines just enough to not “win” custody. However, I had tremendous resources that other women might not have had which enabled some of the truth to be heard. He continues his abuse to this day since I can no longer afford legally to fight him. The order by the judge for his harassment to stop, means nothing and he knows it. The only thing I hold on to, is my faith in God. The enemy had already been defeated, now I just need to find a way to live as if I believe it.

Killing Me Softly: Emotional & Psychological Abuse

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You’d think the world would ‘get’ the message about victim bashing by now, wouldn’t you? But let me assure you…it does not. If you believe you’ll be able to stand tall in a court of law, tell the truth and be both vindicated and compensated because you have suffered what amounts to psychological torture, I must persuade you to think again.

Our justice system is not set up to pursue justice or truth. It is set up to reward those with the most resources, those who have no scruples, those who already believe they’re entitled to everything they want; those who assume their own superiority. In other words, the justice system is tailor-made for stroking the egos of abusers, falling for their lies, and handing their on a platter, the outcome they fully believes is their due.

Even worse is the fact that the legal system is…

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